Civil Engineering Faculty

11Vitaliy Matusevych St., building 6, Kryvyi Rih, 50027


About faculty

Astakhov Valentyn Ivanovych

Dean of Civil Engineering Faculty since 1987, PhD. (Engineering), Associated Professor.


The faculty was founded in October 1959.

Civil Engineering Faculty trains students for Bachelor and Master degrees in Specialty "Building and Civil Engineering" (specialization “Industrial and Civil Engineering”, “Urban  Construction and Economy”, “Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation” “Technology of Building Products, Materials and Structures”, “Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation”, “Water Supply and Drainage”)

Students are trained in applied research laboratories and training rooms. The Faculty has up-to-date study facilities including the research and production complex “Budindustriia”. It has been established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and includes Kryvyi Rih’s organizations and enterprises

Students master designing at the Design Bureau founded by leading Ukrainian scientists.

There is a postgraduate course in Specialties “05.23.01 Building Structures, Buildings and Constructions”, ‘05.23.02 Basements and Foundations” ,

‘05.23.03 Ventilation, Lighting, Heat and Gas Supply, ‘05.23.04 Water Supply and Drainage”, ‘05.23.05 Building Materials and Products”.

The faculty scientific activity focuses on today's burning issues. Students are engaged into research as well through preparing diploma papers, projects and reports for student scientific conferences.

At present, our graduates are working in Ukraine, CIS, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

The faculty includes three departments – “ Industrial, Civil and Urban Construction”, “Technology of Building Products, Materials and Structures”, “Heat, Gas and Water Supply, Drainage Systems and Ventilation”

Students training has been provided by highly-qualified academic staff of 31 lecturers (4 professors, 3 Doctors of Engineering, 19 PhDs (Engineering) including 15 associated professors).