Campus life

Student life at Kryvyi Rih National University (KNU) is multifaceted and eventful. The University ensures a well-balanced student experience by offering a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities that provide leadership and professional development opportunities. Active participation in sociocultural and sports events is key to laying the foundations for student personality development and promoting healthy way of life, encouraging the spirit of self-reliance and initiative.

Student Government leads the organization of the faculties, academic groups and the student dormitory. Student Government of KNU represents student interests to the University administration and guarantees students’ performing their obligations. It contributes to harmonious development of personality, and it is based on voluntary involvement of our students in campus management and coordination  .

Thanks to students’ initiative a lot of events are held on. Among them are: poetic readings, flash mobs, performances, terrenkurs etc. The University students actively implement the projects such as celebrating of Student’s Day, Student Spring and Autumn Festivals. Student Council organizes the excursions to different Ukrainian regions and cities, visiting theatre performances at Akademiia Rukhu”, Taras Shevchenko Academic Theatre, art exhibitions and concerts. Students are traditionally deeply involved in charity and sponsored activities. They carry out such events like “Students for Soldiers of Anti-Terrorist Operation”, “Students for Veterans” and “Students for Children”, the charity fair “Ray of Hope” and so on.
The students are organizers and active participants of the most relevant public       holidays celebrations, for instance Flag Day, Independence Day, the Day of the         

  Defender of Ukraine, historical dates and anniversaries: the Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust and Political Repression, the Day of Freedom and Dignity, Conciliarity Day, the Day of Remembrance of Kruty Heroes etc., university events: a Student Initiation, Graduation, Rector Reception etc.

Our students have participated in the observance of the national “16 Days against Violence", National Human Rights Week, Europe Day campaigns. Soldiers of Anti-Terrorist Operation and the National Guard, veterans of Afghanistan and members of other military-patriotic associations are frequent visitors at the University events.

The Palace of Youth and Students is a platform for acquiring the students’ aesthetic education and enriching their leisure time. It is a place where the most popular festivals such as Students’ Initiation, Intellectual Tournament of the teams “Erudite”, Student Spring and Autumn Festivals, creative competitions “Knight Tournament”, “Miss Charm” are held.

As a result of the University collaboration with “Alliance française” and the Embassy of France student francophone theatre “Vernissage” has been founded, which presents a new performance annually. It has become a permanent participant and prize winner of French Spring Festival in Ukraine.

University Sports Complex is a fully-functional sports facility where the students, faculty, and staff can enjoy a variety of sports. The KNU Sports Complex offers the following: 2 sport centres and 11 multi-purpose sports halls (for playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, practicing the weight-lifting, fighting, boxing etc.). “Youth Spartakiad” and “University Spartakiad” and some other competitions of the regional and international levels have become traditional sports events at the University.

The University is providing the students with comfortable dormitory to facilitate their integration and education.

Summer sports and recreation camp “Charoit” for university teachers and students provides excellent opportunities for the physical and psychological recuperation after an intense academic year. Situated on the Black Sea coast in the village of Lazurne, Kherson region, it can host 200 guests simultaneously.